Monday, November 12, 2007

Bianco Blu ~ Modern Finnish Art Glass

Bianco Blu makes various glass products, including adornments, utility items, and works of art. They produce business presents for enterprises and manufacture items on order. BB designs all their products by themselves or co-operate with glass artists and designers, including Ristomatti Ratia, Pauli Partanen, Camilla Moberg, and Martti Aiha. BB also co-operates with Italian artist Mauro Capitani and Yong-Phil Lee from South Korea.

Tarmo Maaronen, the owner of Bianco Blu, has been blowing glass since 1979 when he started as a apprentice in Nuutajarvi Glassworks. In early 1990's Maaronen worked for several small glass studios in Finland and also taught Scandinavian glass blowing techniques in Florence Italy for a couple of years before opening his own studio, Bianco Blu in 1997. He has become one of the most respected and skilled glass-blowers in Scandinavia.

Reima Maaronen, Tarmo's older brother joined Bianco Blu in 2002. He also has a long career in glass blowing. Reima started blowing glass in 1972. He spent years in Nuutajarvi Glassworks before joining his brother in Bianco Blu.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Finnish Linen ~ Traditions In Modern Style

Elegance, durability and practicality are features that Finns have always demanded from the best interior design products and Finnish linen does not make exception!

Even the best weaving equipment will never replace skilled textiles professionals. The ability of the mill staff, the designers and the suppliers to cooperate seamlessly is a constant source of new ideas. Product development requires open-mindedness and the ability to deal with risks associated with innovation. Courage is required in order to question old practices, and this is a rare quality found in a select few. It is the designers’ job to courageously create linen interior design textiles for Scandinavian homes. In Finnish linen designs tradition and old world elegance unites with fresh modern ideas, creating curious and timeless beauty for any home.

Today, there are two major linen weaving mills Jokipiin Pellava and Lapuan Kankurit in Finland, both in traditional Ostrabothnia weaving area.

Jokipiin Pellava Oy is a family company founded in 1920. Until 1989 the company was known by the name "Jokipiin Villa- ja Pellavakehräämö Oy".

The raw material that we use is increasingly linen yarn that has been grown and refined in Finland. This is called Nord Lin linen. Linen farming re-started in Finland in the 90's. The largest areas in Finland are in the Ostrobothnian region.

Jokipiin Pellava is specialized in weaving linen terry towels and other linen textiles that fulfill the demands of home and public interiors.

Lapuan Kankurit Oy, founded in 1973, is a modern Jacquard-weaving mill seeking product ideas from current needs while paying homage to the strong Finnish textile traditions. Using the natural fibers of linen and cotton, they aim to design and manufacture modern, high-quality decorative textiles as well as textiles for everyday use.

All linen products are designed, manufactured and finished at companies’ own weaving mills in Finland.