Friday, November 21, 2008

Scandinavian Christmas Linen from Finland

Elegance, durability and practicality are features that Finns have always demanded from the best interior design products. Lapuan Kankurit Oy, founded in 1973, is a modern Jacquard-weaving mill seeking product ideas from current needs while paying homage to the strong Finnish textile traditions. Using the natural fibers of linen and cotton, LK aims to design and manufacture modern, high-quality decorative textiles as well as textiles for everyday use in Scandinavian homes.

Even the best weaving equipment will never replace skilled textiles professionals. The ability of the mill staff, the designers and the suppliers to cooperate seamlessly is a constant source of new ideas. Product development requires open-mindedness and the ability to deal with risks associated with innovation. Courage is required in order to question old practices, and this is a rare quality found in a select few. It is the job of the designers to boldly create linen interior design textiles for Scandinavian homes.

Nancy Bladfält's and Marja Rautiainen's new holiday patterns brings a merry air to the Christmas kitchen. The color of the Joulupuu (Christmas Tree), Pipari (Gingerbread) and Lumihiutale (Snow Flake) rib cloth and kitchen towel are a fresh red-and-white. Those new table textiles create a genuine feeling of traditional Christmas. The festive tablecloths and light glass towels are 100% linen. The color options include white, red, blue, brown and black. In addition, the red and light green Julia towels and runners fit into the homey Christmas kitchen.

All products carrying the Lapuan Kankurit label are designed, manufactured and finished at the weaving mill in Lapua, Finland.

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