Thursday, October 30, 2008

Asta Pulkkinen ~ Naive Artist

Asta Pulkkinen is one of the most famous naive painter in Finland. She is a member of Finnish Naivist Group which has an exhibition in Iittala Village every summer. All ornaments are made of paper mash and hand painted according to Asta's design. Pulkkinen designs are based on Finnish countryside living, summer, winter and Christmas. Asta's favorite elements among Finnish landscape are children, angels, countryside, cows and dogs.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Design by Pekka Antikainen

Pekka Antikainen has created new gorgeous designs again! The Medieval Horseman series includes stoneware bowls, plates and keepsake boxes.

Following his Lapland theme comes the Shaman Sun series with astonishing vibrant colors!

The third new stoneware design is based on Finnish bird motif from 800 A.D. ~ Hattula Bird. This Scandinavian jewelry design is found in ancient burial places in Hattula, southern Finland. The northern peoples had a special relationship with waterfowl, which symbolized fertility. For the population of the north, the return of birds in the spring signified summer, the start of a new year. When the waterfowl returned, people knew that nature was emerging from its winter sleep. Waterfowl featured the magic of fertility.